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Since 2008, I was fortunate to have series of extensive teaching experiences from private lessons to small music institutes to a University. I have taught students in different backgrounds from English speaking students from all over the world to non English speaking Korean students. I have also taught students of ages ranging from 6-70, all levels from beginner/intermediate to advanced, and musical interests from those who enjoy music as a hobby to those who are preparing for college auditions and etc. Recently I was fortunate to be hired as a private guitar instructor at the New York University while my time there as a Master's student and taught undergraduate level guitar from Fall of 2016 till Spring of 2018.

Some of the area I enjoy teaching (besides the materials for intermediate students) are techniques, complete access of the fretboard, sound, fundamental music theory, improvisation, jazz harmony on guitar, reading for guitarists, time and rhythm, ear training, interplay within various jazz group settings, and jazz composition. 

I am currently open to accept private lessons mainly in New York metro area as well as Skype lessons for people all over the world. Also I am launching series of online teaching materials which is scheduled to launch late this year. Meanwhile you can enjoy some free contents I will be posting.

Send me a message through "Contact" to get in touch with me for lessons. Thank you.

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